About Us

A proudly innovative and evolving level 1 BBBEE and a 100% black owned and managed company,providing clients with lubricants, chemicals, fuel and bitumen, supported by a network of trusted and reliable primary manufacturers and refineries we add value to their products for our customers benefit in the logistics industry, government departments and municipalities, construction industry and mining.

Toadtag Polokwane a division of Toadtag Asphalt (Pty) provide a competitive advantage to its clients in Polokwane, managed by Mr. Rabby Dikotope. Mr. R Dikotope’s key strategic advantage lies in the extensive knowledge of the market in Polokwane and the ability to align both leadership and management ethos with its products, services and clients expectations to ensure the best solution. The company is the process of opening the North West branch by empowering local entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to become “the best company to work for” and hold the philosophy that: “if we don’t add value, we not worth considering”

This is achievable through meeting the followings goals:

  • Establish a neatly packaged niche services and product offerings.
  • Empower own people and create collaborative environment.
  • Service and re-service customer’s needs.
  • Get the right permanent management and people
  • Develop sustainable products and solutions
  • Marketing and branding
  • Ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction